“Learn First Aid / CPR today …
It may help save
someone’s life tomorrow”

From non-medically trained responders
to Healthcare Professionals …
We will organise the right training for you!

We are a team of professional First Aid Instructors based locally here in Cork and delivering courses throughout Munster for over 10 years.
All our courses are delivered by experienced Front Line instructors who have strong qualifications and first-hand knowledge in both medical and trauma emergencies. We bring experience to each class, giving valid examples to instructions in all types of First Aid. So whether you’re in the workplace, at home or simply out and about, having first aid knowledge is vital.
Priding ourselves on delivering the most up-to-date First Aid Training, teaching up-to-date techniques with the latest equipment in a fun and relaxed environment, we provide a comprehensive range of First Aid Courses and manual handling training.
So if its your first time attending a First Aid Course or you’re coming back to undertake Refresher Training, we have the right course for you.

“Call us anytime and we’ll take care of everything for you”





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