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Christmas Extension Lead Fire Hazard Warning


Extension Lead Warning – Fire Hazard Thank you Ben Bell – Managing Director at SAFESPARK LTD for the following warning regarding extension leads; With the increase in use of these type of extension reels over the festive period we thought we would give you some free advice. Two ratings are given for these extension reels. One is unwound, the other is fully wound. The picture below is what happens when you don’t fully unwind them and take more wattage than they state! It acts like a heater causing the cable to overheat and melt together. Please [...]

Christmas Extension Lead Fire Hazard Warning2022-11-25T08:46:17+00:00

Celebrations for the Mardyke Entertainment Complex Management Team


Mardyke Entertainment Complex celebrates First Aid and Security re-certification for their Management Team The Mardyke Entertainment Complex sent a huge thank you to Cork City Community Responders and Shenan O’Mahony CPO M.Sec.I.I who made their journey of gaining these qualifications so insightful, useful and also enjoyable. It was celebration time in The Mardyke Entertainment Complex as the Management Team received their certifications in Cardiac First Response and PSA Door Security Supervisor. They couldn’t be prouder of this team who work tirelessly to ensure the happiness and safety of all of our customers. Shenan says: “Such a [...]

Celebrations for the Mardyke Entertainment Complex Management Team2022-10-22T10:25:59+01:00

Weever Fish … dangers and how to treat their painful sting!


If available, seek assistance from a lifeguard as they are qualified First Aiders As soon as possible submerge the area which has been stung, invariably the foot, into water as hot as you can withstand, this increases the blood flow which assists natural cleaning and healing, the heat also helps to breakdown the proteins of the venom, it's always advisable to seek medical help. To avoid scalding, place the affected area in unheated water first and then add hot water until the appropriate temperature is achieved. Maintain this temperature. Keep affected area submerged until pain starts to subside. This can [...]

Weever Fish … dangers and how to treat their painful sting!2022-07-23T19:44:16+01:00
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