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Living with Covid-19, the plan for the next 9 months


The Government's Five-Level Plan to help the country live with Covid-19 for the next nine months. Social and family gatherings in your home or garden: You can have up to 10 visitors from up to three households. Other settings outside your home or garden: Members of different households can continue to meet socially in other settings with strict adherence to the sectoral guidance for those settings. When there is no specific guidance for the meeting, there should be no more than 50 attendees. Weddings: Up to 100 people can attend a wedding ceremony and reception. Organised indoor gatherings: These are [...]

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Calculate your sitting time


Did you know that sitting for long periods of time increases your risk of heart disease and stroke? The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many of us are still working from home. As we adjust to this new way of working, we may find that we are sitting down more than usual.  This is because we are no longer popping out for coffee, moving about to go to meetings, or walking or cycling home from the office. A recent survey by the Irish Heart Foundation revealed that more than half of people working from home in Ireland as a result [...]

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Stroke, what is it?


What is a Stroke? A stroke occurs when a blood vessel, which is carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain, bursts or is blocked by a clot. This causes an interruption of the blood supply to part of the brain. This can damage or destroy brain cells which will affect body functions. A stroke is a medical emergency. Therefore, recognising the symptoms and accessing treatment immediately can be crucial. The term ‘stroke’ comes from the fact that it usually happens without warning, ‘striking’ the person from out of the blue. The effects of a stroke on the body are immediate. [...]

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