Run, Walk or Roll – 180km challenge in March and April for Bumbleance

BUMBLEance Children’s Ambulance are keeping the wheels turning during the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to help families across Ireland in these challenging times.

The interactive ambulance service, which was founded by Mary and Tony Heffernan, prides itself on delivering smiles to Ireland’s youngest patients. The charity is asking you to undertake your very own BUMBLEance journey this Spring.

Charity Co-Founder and CEO Tony Heffernan explains: “Our King and Queen Bees travel an average of 180km in a single trip for their hospital appointments and we are asking the public to Run, Walk & Roll this distance over the month of March or April. Inclusivity and family are at the heart of all that we do here at BUMBLEance, and this is a campaign for everyone to get involved in. This means covering an average just under 6km per day. Participants can do this at their own pace and in any way that they wish –on foot, by bicycle or wheelchair– the options are endless- and inclusive for everyone to get involved!”

Read more here: Echo Live

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