“I’m able to lead a very active life with my children because of CPR” … Rosaleen Walsh

Rosaleen Walsh from Ballymote, Co Sligo, is alive today thanks to the lifesaving skills of Jeanette Gray and Therese O’Grady.
In 2016, Rosaleen suffered a cardiac arrest while taking part in a charity cycle in Westport. Luckily fellow cyclist Jeanette, shortly followed by Therese, arrived and performed CPR until an air ambulance arrived.
Recalling the event, Rosaleen said, “It was a lovely morning and I felt great, but after cycling 20km, I felt very tired and then had overwhelming shortness of breath. I was told I collapsed, fell off my bike, and went into cardiac arrest, and then I woke up in Intensive Care.
“If Jeanette and Therese were not there and I had not received the high-quality CPR I did for 27 minutes, I would not be alive today. I’m able to lead a very active life with my children because of CPR.”
Jeanette who performed lifesaving CPR on Rosaleen said, “I could feel no pulse and I knew I had to proceed with compressions until emergency services arrived. We don’t realise how important our hands really are and how easy it is to learn the skill of CPR. ”

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